System Demo

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System Overview

The whole HYDRALERT system is built to do its job from the start: Switches cannot be accidentally pushed or thrown; they need to be purposefully used.

There are 2 alarm levels in each compartment, with 2 distinctly different sounds to avoid confusion. The low level alarm sound is a 1 second burst every 15 seconds. This lets the skipper know that water is there, possibly due to the vessels pitch during hauling, but the alarm is not annoying enough to necessitate the skipper running off to cancel it, leaving dangerous machinery uncontrolled. If the water continues to rise to the higher level, the bilge alarm produces a continual sound.

Negative earths and positive earths cause electrolysis, and can eat into a ships hull or pipe work at a frightening rate. This hastens thinning and possible leaks. HYDRALERT uses galvanic isolation on all its circuits and wiring, so the risk of electrolysis is minimised

System Diagram

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HydrAlert Features: