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Hydralert Featured on the Alsco Greenroom

What if you knew 1 in 2 of the colleagues in your workplace routinely came to work daily with health impairments equivalent to a 0.08% blood alcohol level (BAC)? Concerning? Absolutely. Recently, researchers from Loughborough University in the UK revealed that mild...

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Hydralert featured in Australian Resources Magazine

Hydralert was recently profiled in Australian Resources Magazine, the article described Hydralert is a compact device that will be placed in urinals to analyse a person’s hydration level in real time and provide immediate feedback. One of the most serious health...

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Euro Asia Industry profiles Hydralert

Hydralert gained exposure on the Euro Asia Industry website, via a in-depth article about dehydration in the mining industry. Below is a exert from the article Dehydration can be a serious health issue for the mining industry, especially in hot climates like...

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Will Future Urinals Provide Dehydration Testing?

Med Device Online have published a article profiling Hydralert and discuss how testing for dehydration may become easier and more efficient. Below is a excerpt from the article. Testing for dehydration may become easier and more efficient with an innovative new device...

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