HydrAlert the complete bilge monitoring and bilge alarm solution

Hydralert bilge monitors were developed initially as a reliable alternative to float switch Bilge alarms on board fishing vessels, the key word being Reliability. Hydralert has now been developed into a product for all types of vessel requiring comprehensive bilge monitoring and alarm facilities. Furthermore it includes a number of failsafe features which offer improved reliability and functionality over traditional float switch alarms. Bilge levels are continuously measured by a submerged sensor, allowing pre-emptive action to be taken if alarm levels are reached. The sensor is solid state, with no moving parts to jam or fail.

The HydrAlert Bilge Monitor product range is designed to provide unique safety and security features for all classes of marine vessels. Primarily aimed at the Fishing Fleet, the system provides a cost effective and reliable answer to constantly monitoring the water level in a vessels bilges while at sea and also provides remote alarm facilities for unattended vessels in harbour.

The basic entry level product is a high reliability solid state sensor with no moving parts and a two stage alarm function with an early warning facility.
The basic system may then be enhanced in a modular fashion to add extra sensors, additional alarm indicators, a central control panel with an LCD readout and finally a combined GSM+GPS module to provide remote communication and location services.

Reasons why you need Hydralert