Research and Development

Hydralert was developed to provide a versatile multi-purpose engine, from one processor controlled hardware platform. Much of the flexibility is generated from rewriting the processor software for a specific application.

Because of the interface used, ANY 4-20 mA sensor can be attached to a hydralert. detect rising, or falling levels of liquid, pollutants, smoke, gas, hydrocarbons, chemicals, temperature… the list goes on. Even the simplest switch can be used as an input.

Hydralert generates serial rs485 data every second of the measurements from the sensors, and its alarm status, this data can be used in real time displays, logging, telemetry Multiple sensors, for different conditions mean that one system can be used to measure, alarm, and record from several different sensors.

Recorded data can be recovered after a sinking for analysis. Externally mounted logging device, completely sealed, solid state, with no electrical contacts. The logger can be on a hydrostatic release to float free upon sinking, or can remain tethered for diver / ROV recovery. Data can be recorded at a lower rate during non urgent situations and an accelerated rate after alarm detection.

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