There are few working environments tougher on equipment than a fishing vessel. In an environment where temperatures vary from -10 to +70 degrees centigrade, bilge alarms have to endure extreme vibration and shock, and contend with suspended and floating debris. This has to be done in a highly dynamic emulsion of seawater, fuel oil, hydraulic fluid, grease, detergents, and highly corrosive chemicals. In these extreme conditions the equipment needs to be tough, not just “fit for purpose at installation” liquid ice, the new coolant of choice for keeping fish fresh, is part water, part solid ice crystals: suspended solids are well documented for jamming float switches, hydralert doesn’t mind though, it has no moving parts


Leisure craft , as well as providing enjoyment and recreation, can represent a significant investment to the owner. Whether the vessel is manned, or unmanned, it deserves to be protected against undetected flood, fire, theft, and intruders. Hydralert will call you if anything happens! Hydralert can be used with smoke/fire sensors, as well as pressure pads, magnetic reed switched, motion sensors, or any switch type input, as well as its preferred levels sensors. Integral gps can be incorporated into hydralert, to allow vessel tracking So, if you are ashore, and you have an onboard situation that demands attention, hydralerts "harbour mode" will text your mobile to warn you. It might even save you money on insurance costs, or better still, save your vessel! Let Hydralert baby-sit your “baby”!


Where water and oxygen levels etc. need to be monitored and controlled, Hydralert can do it for you...with radio data feeds!


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