Hydralert - Assess and Control you Employee's Hydration Risk

Assess and control your employee’s hydration risk

“Based on hard data, not hunches”

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Hydralert is the world’s first highly engaging, real time, non-invasive hydration testing and warning device for individuals.

Hydralert automates traditional manual hydration testing, assists in evaluating a groups’ risk of heat related illness and actively engages individuals in proper hydration habits via self-testing.

Smart Disc Hardware


Waterproof Hardware


Bluetooth Connectivity

The Hydralert hardware consists of the Hydralert smart disc, approximately the size of a hockey puck, and an easily mountable OLED screen. The Hydralert smart disc is placed at the bottom of a urinal with the screen mounted at the users’ approximate line of sight. As urine contacts the Hydralert smart disc the individual’s hydration range is read and displayed on the screen instantaneously via Bluetooth communication.

Digital Display


Highly Engaging


Easily Wall Mountable


Instant User Feedback

The mountable OLED Bluetooth screen displays:

  • Hydration range (based on specific gravity reading – i.e. ‘Good dehydration up-to Severe dehydration
  • Fluid intake required to return to a ‘good’ hydration range – i.e. ‘Drink 500ml of water per hour
  • If dehydration levels require immediate action the screen display will provide feedback

Hydralert Software

Hydralert records all data anonymously within the devices memory for later download and analysis. The Hydralert software allows all results to be easily retrieved via Bluetooth communication from the Hydralert smart disc to be tracked for: Time, Date, Hydration reading result and Location of sample.


Waterproof Hardware


Bluetooth Connectivity


Highly Engaging


Easily Wall Mountable


Instant User Feedback


Hydralert Report Examples

Our Hydralert software produces high level group hydration analysis at the click of a button. Parameters captured by the Hydralert smart disc are analysed and trended for you to improve the accuracy of risk assessments.

Add group specific controls, enhance your existing thermal stress control program via improved availability of data and dramatically improve the awareness of proper hydration techniques in individuals.


Benefits of Hydralert

Real time hydration results and actions provided to the user any time of the day or night. Providing a non-invasive, highly engaging method of testing that requires no extra effort to self-test at urinal.

Dramatically improved analysis of group hydration performance and subsequent reporting and communication. While reducing the need for frequent ‘in field’ hydration testing by health staff and thereby reducing time and/or additional employees required for the task.

Enhance employee concentration and productivity via dramatically improved hydration levels through a self-monitoring hygienic alternative. No administrator is required to administer test.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Hydralert a male only device?

Yes. Hydralert is intended to be used in a urinal. However, there may be application in field based roles (i.e. defence, emergency response personnel) where the unit can be placed on the ground and used sufficiently if required. Hydralert is currently underway exploring engineering options for a unisex device.

2. Are individuals identified during the testing process?

No. Hydralert is an anonymous testing technology that does not identify individuals. The aim of Hydralert is to engage individuals and educate them in correct hydration habits. Data is used on a group level to analyse results and act on if required.

3. How do I get data from this device?

Hydralert is equipped with an SD card reader. Similar to your digital camera a small SD card is in the back of OLED screen. All data is contained in this chip. An SD card reader is provided for you to extract this data.

4. Will I need to put my hand in the urinal frequently to retrieve the Hydralert smart disc? Or charge it?

No. Hydralerts batteries last for approximately 1500 tests per person before recharging. After this time the Hydralert smart disc is to be sent back to us for battery change out, cleaning and calibration. Medical gloves are provided with your initial Hydralert purchase to assist you in putting the Hydralert smart disc in the urinal and retrieving as recharge required. We have designed Hydralert to avoid the need to retrieve the device frequently.

5. How does the device stay clean between users and avoid scale build-up which might affect the results?

Hydralert is fitted with a replaceable ‘cartridge’ which can be changed out if prompted due to contamination (i.e. scale build up etc.) The Hydralert OLED screen will prompt the administrator and users of the device with the message “CARTRIDGE CHANGEOUT REQUIRED’.

6. How does Hydralert avoid cross contamination between users (i.e. one person uses the smart disc and then another straight after)?

Hydralerts cartridge contains a hydrophobic wick (within a sample chamber) that draws out liquid to avoid any pooling in the device. In addition to this, samples are tested after 2.5-3 seconds after the flow of urine is detected in the device. This allows for the residue from the previous users urine to be washed out of the sample chamber. Your Hydralert will also come will cleaning fluid on initial purchase should you be prompted to flush the device by squeezing the cleaning fluid onto the smart disc as required.

7. How does Hydralert know when one user stops and another starts self-testing?

Hydralert is fitted with a sensor that triggers when a user has stopped providing a sample. This tells the device that one user has stopped providing a sample. As soon as another starts, the smart disc reads this as a new sample.

8. How do I calibrate the smart disc?

The Hydralert smart disc has an auto calibrate function that does not require any additional calibration. After 1500 uses the device is sent back to the Hydralert head office in Perth, Western Australia, or to an approved distributor, for a full service. This service includes cleaning, repair and calibration if required.

9. What do I do when my smart disc is away for calibration? I can’t test anyone.

It is recommended you have a backup Hydralert unit for this. However, this is not mandatory and is a separate purchase.

10. Which industries does Hydralert service?

Many. Any industry or activity that has the potential for individuals to be less than adequately hydrated and at risk of a potential heat related illness (i.e. heat stress). This risk may result from high temperatures/humidity from the environment, large physical workloads, heat produced from machinery in industry (i.e. refineries) and heavy personal protective equipment requirements.

Some industries serviced include: underground and open cut mining operations, oil and gas facilities, refineries, construction sites, ports, large scale bakeries, aviation areas (i.e. baggage handlers), sporting teams and schools.

11. Why can’t I just print out a urine colour chart and stick it on the wall above the urinals?

You can. But you may be literally losing great insights into the hydration habits of your people down the drain.

Urine colour charts may have an impact on individual’s behaviour, in the short term. However, urine colour is very subjective and attempting to match your urine and hence hydration to a colour chart may not be accurate and even more importantly not engaging enough to change behaviour. More importantly, a urine colour chart does not allow hydration results to be analysed and recorded for implementation of improved control mechanisms. With Hydralert, you will have the ability to now communicate, using hard data, to individuals and groups on their hydration performance. You will know which groups are performing, which are not and at what time of the day they struggling.


Timeline of Events

  • Flinders University Medical Device Partnering Program

    Hydralert is accepted into the Flinders University Medical Device Partnering Program. An initial benchtop prototype is engineered. Initial clinical testing commences.

  • Runner Up Innovator of The Year

    Hydralerts Managing Director receives Runner Up Innovator of The Year Award For Western Australia

  • Field Trial

    Atamo Electronic Engineers in Perth, Australia is engaged to complete engineering for an initial run of field triable units.

  • Vocus Upstart

    Hydralert is honoured to be accepted into the Vocus Upstart accelerator programs and receives a Western Australian Innovation Voucher.

  • First trials commence

    First trials commence. Over 50 major industrial companies across Australia sign up for trials.

  • Trial Results

    Trials reveal multiple areas for improvement prior to commercialisation to ensure quality of the final commercialised product. This includes improved battery life and battery charging method.

  • Australian Product Distributor

    CMM Technology in Perth, Australia signed to become Hydralerts first Australian Product Distributor.

  • Hydralert engineering partner

    Global Titus Technology becomes a Hydralert engineering partner. A new Chief Technology Officer, Mr Emmanuel Koulianos, an experienced electrical engineer and company director, is engaged.

  • Engineering Improvements

    Major engineering improvements regarding battery life and waterproofing commences. Suppliers in various countries engaged to provide high quality electronic components.

  • Commercialisation Target

    New commercialisation target of July 2017 received from incoming CTO. 150 major industrial companies, advertising and beverage manufacturers signed up to trials globally.


About Hydralert

We Develop Innovative Technology

Hydralert was developed on one simple principle. To simple and conveniently integrate safety innovation and technology into the daily working lives of your greatest asset, your people.

Hydralert uses ‘gamification’ principles, making usual monotonous or everyday tasks fun, to effectively engage employees.

The value that safety can be engaging, ‘fun’ and still effective is at the core of the company’s activities.

Specialising in Occupational Health

Hydralert was conceived in 2013 by a group of occupational health specialists and technology entrepreneurs. In 2012 as employee at a remote underground mine in the Far North Western Australia, it was witnessed first-hand by the founders of Hydralert the effects of heat stress on employees.

With temperatures exceeding 35 degrees routinely and records of over 70% relative humidity, a high proportion of incidents were directly a consequence of the poor hydration habits of the workforce.


News from Hydralert

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What if you knew 1 in 2 of the colleagues in your workplace routinely came to work daily with health impairments equivalent to a 0.08% blood alcohol level (BAC)? Concerning? Absolutely. Recently, researchers from Loughborough University in the UK revealed that mild...

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Hydralert featured in Australian Resources Magazine

Hydralert was recently profiled in Australian Resources Magazine, the article described Hydralert is a compact device that will be placed in urinals to analyse a person’s hydration level in real time and provide immediate feedback. One of the most serious health...

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Euro Asia Industry profiles Hydralert

Hydralert gained exposure on the Euro Asia Industry website, via a in-depth article about dehydration in the mining industry. Below is a exert from the article Dehydration can be a serious health issue for the mining industry, especially in hot climates like...

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When the temperature tops 27 degree's celsius

Mistakes are made in the first hour

Dehydration of 1 to 2% of body weight (600-800ml) results in a 6 to 7% reduction in physical work rate

When the temperature tops 32 degree's celsius

Mistakes are made in the first hour

Dehydration of 3 to 4% of body weight results in a 22% to 50% reduction in work rate, for “moderate” and “hot” environments respectively

When the temperature tops 35 degree's celsius

Mistakes are made in the first hour

60% of workers report to work insufficiently hydrated for working in hot conditions with over half found to be at least 2% dehydrated

Hydralert is proud to partner with The Flinders University of South Australia, as part of the Medical Device Partnering Program. 

The Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) supports the development of cutting-edge medical devices through unique collaborations between researchers, industry, end-users and government.

“Hydralert provides an innovative alternative to current time-consuming approaches, allowing employees to self-test day or night, without the need for a health professional”

Susan Close
Minister – Manufacturing and Innovation
Government of South Australia

Hydralert where proud Runners-up at the 2015 Entrepreneur and Innovator Awards were held at Novotel Perth on Thursday May 7, 2015.

This event was the third annual awards ceremony, presented by Networking WA and sponsored by WAtoday.com.au Curtin University, The City of Perth and Wrays.

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